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Here’s What People Have to Say About Booking Patti-


Patti was unbelievable! From the moment she walked in, she was warm, funny and ready to go. Extremely professional and easy to work with. She was able to connect with this group so well. One minute they were laughing, the next they were crying, then a minute later laughing again. I’ve had so many emails, calls and personal visits thanking me for bringing her here, I can’t even count them anymore.
Additionally, I wanted to thank you for being so responsive to me. Your customer service, follow through and willingness to work with us made it such a pleasure.
It may seem like I’m gushing a bit, but I don’t often see the level of professionalism that I received from you and Patti.
Thank you again for everything.

Iowa Department of Education

Everything was fabulous! Patti had just the right mix of comedy and disability information for our group. She also did a wonderful job of reaffirming the work that the group does. Many of the participants were at the end of their fourth day of conferences but left that room reenergized. I know I personally am still smiling at some of her stories. One woman shared that she doesn’t laugh out loud in public but while listening to Patti couldn’t help herself. ( I also learned how precisely Patti’s worded everything because when I tried to repeat a line or two at home my husband just stared at me. Clearly I left a lot out.)

I did mention to Patti that we’d probably be back in touch for future conferences. Also, I’d be willing to share her information with a couple of colleagues around the country who host special education conferences – if Patti is interested in more work like this.