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This Sunday is already shaping up to be a fun show! State Senator Dan Kotowski joins me for his segment “It Ought to be a Law.” Last week’s winner received a 25 dollar gift certificate to Lou Malnati’s for recommending a law to enforce movie guidelines. I agree, too many toddlers in R-Rated movies these days!

My mom will be calling in with her movie review for “At the Movies With Abuelita!” Not sure how we’re going to top last week’s conversation about “Don Jon.” It was a blast to talk to her about porn addiction can affect a relationship. Plus, it worked out perfectly as a Midnight Tease segment!

Don’t forget to have you “Worst Firsts” stories ready to go. We will award a prize for the Best Worst First. Tell us about your worst first date, first kiss, first job and we’ll try to ease the painful memory!

Scott Markus will join me in studio to talk about Haunted Chicago and share his version of Resurrection Mary.

Not sure what the Midnight Tease will be just yet but I promise it will be naughty but nice.

Here’s a link to last week’s highlights: http://wgnradio.com/patti-vasquez/